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Donadio and Associates, Architects has worked with Summit Construction over the past 10 years on projects for the School District of Indian River, City of Vero Beach, Indian River County and private clients. Summit Construction has always performed in a timely manner, delivering a quality project on time and within budget. Their ability to properly man a project to meet any type of construction schedule is one of the company’s assets. This office would recommend Summit Construction for any type of construction project that an Owner may have.

Anthony J. Donadio

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Brad Schuh and Summit Construction on various projects in Indian River and St. Lucie Counties. His knowledge is extensive in the areas of construction, management, and coordinating. Every project on which we have worked with Summit has always turned out well due to their planning ability and communication skills. Brad has a ‘hands on’ approach with his projects. He has the ability to foresee possible problem situations ahead of time and resolve them quickly. Brad is goal oriented and holds a high quality of standards, not only for himself, but from his subcontractors, vendors and employees.

Robert Fields
President, Mid-State Mechanical

Summit Construction enjoys an excellent reputation for performance, management, and quality construction. We give this contractor our highest, unqualified recommendation.

James E. Dickmeyer
Bonding Agent

Thanks to you and your team’s construction management skill on this project, we have one of the premier public facilities in the City of Vero Beach. We are very appreciative of your company’s efforts in ensuring the City’s success, doing whatever was needed to keep this project on time and on budget. Special recognition goes to Mr. Mike Selig, who was the on-site superintendent and resident expert for the entire project. His hard work, professionalism, and thorough project knowledge from beginning to end was critical in keeping the reconstruction effort on track. Summit Construction’s and Mr. Selig’s attention to detail on every facet of the project, from suppliers to site safety, was critical in its overall success.

Ericson W. Menger
City of Vero Beach Airport Director